Croft Acquires Blackstar Solutions

24 August 2023

We are excited to announce the acquisition of Blackstar Solutions. This acquisition has led to a significant step in enhancing and expanding our business communication expertise across the UK.

With a wide range of well-known, trusted clients across the UK, the Croft team is enthusiastic about joining forces with Blackstar. The team brings with them a wealth of specialised knowledge in various business communications and telecoms areas, including:

  • Voice communications: Voip and cloud phone systems, Microsoft Teams and more
  • Video conferencing, webinars and rooms
  • Mobile tariffs, broadband, device management and signal boosters
  • Internet security, WiFi, networking, leased lines and broadband

Blackstar Solutions CEO, Nick Smith, said:

“My team and I are really excited to be part of Croft, from our initial interactions and throughout the deal, Mark and Phil have been really honest and open about how we will integrate and the skills we can bring to the group. There is a great cultural fit which is really important to me as it’s one of the things that sets Blackstar apart as a great place to work and for our clients to partner with.  We are looking forward to being able to add even more value to clients with the full MSP offering and developing and growing the business.”

We’re delighted to have the Blackstar Solutions team onboard!

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