What are the benefits of buying an iPhone 8 with EE?

22 September 2017

There are a load of platforms offering (seemingly) amazing deals for the iPhone 8. Some advertising unbelievable amounts of data, others offering hundreds of thousands of texts and minutes.

The thing is, you probably don’t need 5GB of data – let alone 20GB so it’s important to be smart when choosing a plan that suits you.

Businesses in particular need to do their research before choosing a network to work with. Poor coverage could seriously impact your team’s communication. Likewise, hidden charges and low-levels of support could cost your business thousands. But, what if there was a network that provided super features like free roaming in over 48 European destinations? What if there was a network that covered 99% of the UK population?

EE does all this and more. In addition to providing free roaming across the EU, they also have the widest reaching coverage out of every UK network and provide features such as extra-warranty on handsets and data-usage notifications.

If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading and we’ll show you how your business could benefit from getting the iPhone 8 with EE.


We’ll start with the facts. For over 4 years, EE has been rated the best overall network in comparison to O2, Vodafone and Three. This year, the network performed the best in the categories of network speed, data performance and text performance in the United Kingdom. They have also been recognised as the ‘Best Network Coverage’ and ‘Fastest Mobile Network’ by uSwitch.

Why do these awards matter? 

You want to know that you will have good coverage at every location that you travel to. For workers who are constantly on the go (sales teams and engineers for example), poor coverage means poor communication with colleagues and customers which can severely slow down productivity.

Because EE covers 99% of the UK population, customers experience coverage even in the most remote areas, so staying connected is easy.

Check the strength of your local coverage.

Wi-Fi calling

Most are still unsure about Wi-Fi calling. If you’re one of them, you can use this guide for the full run-down. Otherwise, to summarise, the new feature allows you to make calls and texts over the available Wi-Fi as an alternative when experiencing poor network signal.

Take our word for it – Wi-Fi calling is amazing. It’s especially useful for those who live or work in more remote areas as they don’t need to rely on limited available coverage. Instead, users can connect to the available Wi-Fi to make high-quality calls and to send messages. Luckily, most networks now provide Wi-Fi calling. However, EE customers are the only ones who are able to use Wi-Fi Calling during their daily commute. Yes, you heard us right. You can now make calls and texts when travelling through the London Underground.

How is this possible? Well, EE and Virgin have come together to provide Wi-Fi in the ticket halls, walkways and platforms of more than 100 Underground Stations. This means that commuters are now able to make calls, texts, download documents and check emails all whilst travelling around the city!

Apple music

We know it’s not compulsory and you do not NEED Apple Music, but it’s a nice touch. If you get your iPhone 8 with EE, you will benefit from six months of free Apple Music for your own personal enjoyment.

EU Roaming

Free roaming across the EU has recently been implemented, enabling us to use regular data in multiple countries across Europe. For Free!

‘Changes in the law mean that you can use your UK allowances while you’re roaming in the EU for no extra charge. So as long as you’re travelling somewhere in Europe, it doesn’t matter which network you’re on, right?’

Wrong. Whilst the law has changed for everyone, the countries that are included within each network’s roaming rules differ and some networks cover more countries than others.

With EE ‘all new, upgrading and existing customers, plus those switching plans mid-contract’ are able to use their data allowance across the EU. On top of this, even though the law only requires the network to cover 28 destinations, EE has extended it’s services to 48 European destinations. That’s 48 foreign countries where you are able to use your data allowance for free so, whether it’s for work or for your own personal enjoyment, free roaming across the EU will come in handy and will certainly save you money.

Differently, networks such as Sky only provide roaming in 36 countries – so it’s best to do your research if you’re often travelling from city to city.

Click here for more information regarding the EU roaming laws.


Need another reason to get the iPhone 8 with EE? How does extra handset warranty sound?

You can say goodbye to the hours and money wasted trying to arrange repairs for your team members’ phones. Business customers can benefit from not just one year (which is the warranty length for most suppliers) but a two-year warranty on Apple products bought from EE. The extended warranty covers all electrical and mechanical breakdowns and means that if your iPhone’s speaker, mic or even battery stops working – you can have it repaired for free. Plus, if it isn’t repairable – you will receive a free replacement.

What can we do to help?

Croft provide a link between businesses and main networks such as EE. Providing all the benefits of the network (including Wi-Fi Calling, nation-wide coverage and extended device warranty) we help businesses to effectively manage their teams’ communications, improving  mobility, flexibility and profitability. Find out more or arrange a free consultation today.