Cyber Security for SMEs

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Essential steps every SME should take to combat cyber security threats

Is your SME protected against a cyber attack? Discover Croft's complete guide and cyber security tips for small businesses taking the next steps to stay protected.

In a climate where hybrid working, remote access and cloud-based IT services have quickly become the norm, cyber security for SMEs is a bigger concern than ever before. Small and Medium Enterprises face particular challenges due to their size, lack of budget and other resources for cyber security protection, as well as often a lack of awareness of the risks involved in running an SME.

Although there is growing awareness about the risk of cyber attacks, it can be hard for business owners to know where to start with taking preventative measures in reducing cyber security risk for their SME… 

What cyber security tips does the guide cover?

In the guide, you’ll learn about why cyber security is important to your SME, including the potential risks to your business. The guide will walk you through:

  • Cyber security training
  • Password management
  • Data backup
  • Endpoint security 
  • Phishing 

Once you’ve covered these essential cyber threats, you can use our cyber security checklist to tick off what you’ve put in place for your business.

Complete our checklist to help stay protected against the biggest cyber security issues facing SMEs

Our downloadable guide covers common methods used by attackers to specifically target SMEs. 

Our Croft cyber experts also cover the key steps your SME can take to ward off these types of attacks, along with a clear checklist to help turn what can seem like an overwhelming task, into actionable steps.

Download our top tips and free checklist on Cyber Security for SMEs.

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