Business Ethernet


Look to the future with EoFTTC - the latest in cutting-edge broadband technology. Get super-fast fibre-optic connections with download speeds of up to 80Mbps.


The next big thing

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) is the ideal solution for companies looking to upgrade and future-proof their broadband infrastructure.

Here’s what you get:

  • The latest technology – so you won’t need to upgrade in the near future.
  • Uncontended bandwidth – your own private ethernet line, that no one else can use.
  • Lower costs than a leased line.
  • Download speeds of up to 80mbps.
  • Uploads speeds of up to 20mbps.
  • Quick installation, with lead times of around 15 working days.

The basics

How does EoFTTC work?

  • Uses copper wires from your business premises over the short distance to the cabinet. After that, your data then travels across a shared fibre optic circuit to the exchange.
  • Because EoFTTC traffic travels across a shared fibre optic circuit, the extra distance doesn’t lead to any degradation of performance.
  • It’s supported by most Internet Service Providers with a guarantee of a 7-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA). So, in the event of any technical issues, they’ll be dealt with swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.
  • EoFTTC will replace EFM, ADSL and FTTC services over the next few years.

What's in it for you?

Your business should definitely consider EoFTTC if ...

You need to transfer large data files quickly, as well as running simultaneous applications, video conferencing and real-time business applications.

You’re looking for an extremely low-cost Ethernet option.

You want the security and peace of mind of a Service Level Agreement.

You use VoIP and other cloud-based solutions.

You have a multi-site business, or your business is growing fast.

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