Business Ethernet

Leased Line Internet

Hate sharing? Get high-speed, high-capacity ethernet broadband, with a dedicated line used by your business only.

Benefit from consistently reliable connection speeds, plus the security that comes with a private connection.


Does my business need a dedicated leased line?

Leased line internet is a premium service, and for some companies, it’s an ideal upgrade from ADSL or fibre broadband.

As with any VIP service, renting your own private line isn’t the cheapest option, but for some, it’s an essential investment.

Preferable if:

  • High-speed, reliable connections are vital for your business to function – for example, if you do financial trading or host a large website on your own servers.
  • You rely on internet-based services (hosted VoIP).
  • Data security is a big concern.

Leased Line Internet

What does our package include?

Super-fast broadband speeds

Ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

A connection you can rely on

It’s just you and your team using the line, so you won’t be affected by surges in internet traffic at peak times. Your connection speed is guaranteed, so you can rely on it at any time of the day or night.

Flexible bandwidth

We won’t make you pay for more than you need. Save money during quieter periods and harness high speeds at seasonal peaks.

Symmetrical connections

So you can upload and download at the same speed. Great for companies using a VPN or hosting a website, or if you just upload a lot of data to the cloud.

Low latency

Unlike some other broadband options, there’s no time lag, so video conferencing, remote working and other real-time applications run like a dream.

High security

With a private leased line, there’s no chance your data will be intercepted by anyone else.

Fast response from tech support

A 6-hour Service Level Agreement means your support team will leap into action to address any potential problems, fast.

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