Business Broadband

Business Fibre Broadband

Need super-fast connection speeds at a super-low price?

Our business fibre broadband with FTTC technology ticks all the right boxes. Perfect for small and medium sized enterprises - it’s reliable, secure and impressively fast.

Business fibre broadband & FTTC

What does our package include?

Whether you’re upgrading from regular broadband or switching fibre providers, our package is a great deal for your business.

Super-fast speeds

You’ll really notice the difference between regular and fibre broadband. With speeds of up to 80Mbps, it’ll handle all your browsing, uploads and downloads with ease.

WiFi you can rely on

With network coverage all over the UK, you’ll always get a signal, wherever you happen to be knuckling down to work. You’ll be able to offer guest WiFi to your customers as well.

Great value for money

Our FTTC broadband is a cost-effective alternative to other super-fast broadband options, making it especially beneficial for small and home offices.

Quick and easy to install

We offer a 14-21 working day installation time scale, with technical support from our experts all day, every day.

An integrated solution

FTTC fibre supports the VoIP and hosted telephony solutions required by most modern businesses.

Support at your fingertips

Whatever you need, your dedicated Account Manager is only ever three rings away. We’ll always be there to help you with any technical issues you come up against.

Business fibre broadband & FTTC

What is FTTC and how does it work?

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is a broadband technology that lets you have it all.

You don’t pay for a private leased line – just a dedicated fibre-optic cable from your office to the nearest street cabinet. That’s enough to provide a fast connection (up to 80 Mbps), and if you don’t require the extra bandwidth offered by ethernet broadband, it’ll give you just the right balance between cost and performance.

Upgrading from ADSL?

Old-style ADSL broadband will be phased out over the next few years, and if you’re looking to upgrade now, FTTC is the best next step.

The superior technology offers a significantly faster connection speed, plus it’s more reliable, so you won’t experience any drop in performance, even at peak times.

Business fibre broadband & FTTC

The benefits of FTTC

FTTC uses state-of-the-art fibre optic cables for fast connections up to 80 Mbps – so you can upload, download and send files to your heart’s content.

For businesses of all sizes, it’s also the gateway to better and cheaper telephony. If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional voice services, FTTC fibre broadband can support internet-enabled business telephony using VoIP technology – offering flexible working options and saving you cash on your phone bill.

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