Thermal Imaging Cameras

Body temperature screening solutions:

  • Protect Your Business
  • Reassure Customers & Staff
  • Suitable For Any Business, Any Size
  • A Cost-Effective, Long-Term Solution

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Detect & Protect with Croft

We're revolutionising the way public facing businesses of all sizes and types address their safety and security needs, providing a reliable, contactless solution to discreetly detect elevated staff, customer and visitor body temperatures.

Real-Time Fever Detection

Spots the symptoms, so you don't have to

  • ‘Live’, real-time screening and tracking of people on entry / exit of your premises.
  • Non-contact, meaning no need for manual checks.
  • Scans multiple personnel at one time.
  • Instant alerts sent when body temperature thresholds are exceeded.

Fully-Managed Cloud Storage

Accessing historic video footage is simple

  • View an audit trail of all building visitors and body temperature data via the Cloud – at any time, anywhere in the world.
  • Video streams are securely stored for a duration of 30 days up to five years.
  • Clips may be archived for a longer duration and easily shared with third parties.
  • Fully encrypted, secure and easy-to-use portal.

No Capital Outlay

One all-inclusive monthly fee!

  • With solutions from £250, our monthly price includes equipment, installation, Cloud storage, training and maintenance.

1. Protects Your Business

Full "back to work" plan - reduces the risk of any further outbreak and safeguards your business continuity.

2. Reassures Customers & Staff

Prevents transmission from workers, customers and visitors who may not know they have a fever, allowing employees to continue to come to work, whilst also helping you retain and attract customers.

3. A Scalable Solution

Designed to accommodate any floorplan with an unlimited number of sites and users.

4. Long-Term Financial Savings

Reduces the risk of further lockdowns and Track and Trace alerts, minimising the impact on your business of prolonged sickness and lost productivity.

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