9 Benefits of Unified Communications

26 July 2022

What is unified communications?  

Implementing unified communications into a business is one of the best ways to streamline IT processes and halt any overlapping tech services. Before we get into its benefits – what is unified communications (UC)? Put simply, UC is a cloud-based system that connects a multitude of communication channels, such as messaging, video, file management and voice calling (through hosted telephony). Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) uses cloud delivery to offer a complete solution to communications within business.

Are you looking to find out more about Unified Communications as a Service? Here are 9 reasons why it could be a great option for your business: 

1. Increasing productivity  

Features such as team chats, hosted telephony phone calls and screen sharing means that team members don’t have to spend all that extra time switching devices to make calls or share information. As calls can be made on a laptop, as well as on phones, less time is wasted endlessly switching between devices. 

2. Streamline IT services / process  

Bringing together all of your necessary IT processes under one system will make life a lot easier for you and your team. Having one IT solution means that if there are any questions or problems about your communications – you and your team know exactly who to contact.

3. Reducing IT costs by being more efficient 

Having different IT providers for different processes, such as voice call and video conferencing, means that you’ll probably inevitably be paying twice as much from an overlap in service. Streamlining these services means you won’t be paying twice for the same service. 

Updating older systems also saves money in the long run. For Croft Communications’ hosted telephony solutions, we’ve found that our customers can save up to 60% in comparison to outdated equipment and traditional phone lines.

Also, HD conferencing calls means cutting down the need to travel to business meetings. Less travelling equals less time and money spent. 

4. Strengthening the team while they’re working from home

Unified communications allows you to run your business from anywhere there’s a WiFi connection. This means that your team can stay connected and productive if they’re working from home.

File sharing, screen sharing and video calling ensures that teams can collaborate through one seamless system. 

5. Improve customer service 

With hosted telephony – which is a cloud based telecommunication service – you and your team can take and receive external or internal calls from anywhere. 

As we’re moving into a time where many businesses of all sizes have adopted a flexible approach to working, it’s no longer practical to rely on an office phone. Traditional copper lines are also going to be switched off by 2025, meaning businesses will soon have to rethink their communications to ensure it’s future-proofed.

6. Enhancing your cyber security  

As businesses are relying more on digital than ever, cyber assets have become more at risk to security threats, such as data breaches. 

Choosing a variety of different communication and IT services for one business will make you more vulnerable to cyber attacks. As unified communication services are stored in a secure cloud based management system, your information is secured so that sensitive data is protected.

7. Creating a better relationship with your IT provider

Instead of dealing with multiple providers, using one contact for your unified communications solution will mean you know who to contact when you need them. This means that any issues can be addressed without jumping through hoops first. 

At Croft Communications, we have Account Managers that look after each customer to support them through technical issues or answer any questions they may have. 

8. Improve communication across different offices

Just like with teams working from home, one major benefit of unified communications is the seamless communication between workers in different offices. 

As well as having the benefits of video calling, screen sharing and more – using hosted telephony means that teams can transfer calls between offices, record calls, use hold music and utilise instant messaging. Additionally, a cloud-based call solution means that unexpected events such as snow or floods won’t slow your business down.

9. Improving bespoke processes to suit your needs

Your unified communications provider should work with you to create a telecommunications and IT solution that works for your business. As your business grows, your telecommunications and IT solutions should grow with you. 

At Croft Communications, we create bespoke IT and hosted telephony systems that are tailored around your business. That’s why listen to your requirements to understand what technical issues you’re trying to solve, and what communications your business needs.

If you’re looking to unify your communications or create a bespoke solution to telecommunications – please get in touch.