Ofcom Code of Practice

Ofcom Code of Practice


Croft Communications have been providing business telecommunications for over a decade. During this time, we have become renowned for our impeccable customer service and ability to build and maintain excellent relationships with businesses from every industry, both large and small.

Contact details

Unit E1, The Chase,
John Tate Road,
SG13 7NN

Phone: 01920 466466
Email: info@croftcommunications.co.uk

Terms & Conditions (including prices and tariffs)

We provide mobile, landline and cloud-telephony solutions to businesses across the United Kingdom. These services include contract management, equipment installation and the providing of hardware and airtime.


For more information on how to obtain these services or to order additional products, please contact 01920 466466.

Pricing information

Because of the different rates and the fluctuation of equipment prices, we are unable to publish a standard set of rates that would apply to all customers.

You can find more specific pricing by contacting our distribution team on 01920 466466. Alternatively, you can find the details of your own bespoke tariff from your Account Manager on the same number.

Contract conditions

If you wish to cancel, you must inform us in writing. We will acknowledge your cancellation in writing. Your cancellation is not acknowledged until you have received confirmation of this from ourselves.

If you request to leave after you have completed your minimum term, then we require 90 days written notice. If you are still in your minimum term and request to leave, you will be subject to cancellation fees, which you must agree to pay prior to leaving our services.

Customer Service

Compensation or refund policy

Our service to our customers is dependent upon the operation of our suppliers (EE, BT etc.)

Complaint handling process

Croft Communications will not consider complaints relating to anything that is out of their control, issues that have been caused by any actions of a 3rd party, or disputes with any personnel not employed by them.

Croft Communications will consider all complaints received from an Eligible Complainant, classified as a person who is:

  • An individual / business who has purchased a product or service from Croft Communications
  • An individual / business who has been contacted by Croft Communications with a view to sell a product or service
  • The complaint arises out of matters relevant to being or having been a customer of Croft Communications
  • The complaint arises out of our actions or failure to act where the complainant is a potential customer of Croft Communications

NOTE: A complaint may be made on behalf of an eligible complainant by another party authorised in writing by you.

Informal complaints / comments will be taken by telephone on 01920 466 466, should you wish to formalise your complaint you must do so in writing to “The Managing Director” at the address detailed below.

In the event that we receive a complaint, we will enter it on to our complaint register, which will record the details of your complaint and enable us to track your complaint through to resolution. We will retrieve all the necessary data / information / documentation relevant to you / your sale from our files / systems. This information will be used to assess the complaint and evaluate the best way to resolve your specific issue(s). We will endeavour to respond to and resolve your complaint within ten working days from the date that we receive your written complaint. However, we may need to carry out further internal investigations. If these are required, we will send you a Notice of Investigation letter within 5 working days from when we received your complaint.

The notice of investigation letter will include an explanation of why a different person is responding if it is not the person to whom you addressed your complaint, as well as the name and job title of the individual handling your complaint and a timescale for when we will correspond further which will be no more than 4 weeks from the receipt of your complaint.

We would hope that we would be able to provide you with a full and final response within four weeks from the date that we received your letter of complaint. If after four weeks we are still not in a position to make a response, we will write to you and give reasons for the delay and an indication as to when we expect to provide a full and final response. At this point we will include details of Ofcom to whom you can refer your complaint to if you wish.

Once our investigations are complete we will write to you with our response. This will be either a final response, or an action letter, depending on the circumstances of your complaint.

A Final Response is:

  • Where we believe we have fully addressed your complaint.
  • Notified you that you may refer the complaint to Ofcom if you are still not satisfied with our response.

An Action Letter is where we consider that we need to act to resolve your complaint, and believe that this will fully address your complaint. This will include an acceptance slip for you to sign and return to us.

We will consider a complaint closed when we have sent you an action letter and received your signed acceptance or our final response, and where you fail to respond to either within four weeks from the date of our final written response / action letter.

Alternative dispute resolution procedure

We work alongside Ofcom approved Ombudsman as an alternative dispute resolution procedure.

Customers are able to seek a resolution from Ombudsman Services when:

  • The customer is unhappy with our final response to a complaint.
  • Eight weeks have passed since the complaint was made and remains unresolved.

Ombudsman Services will handle the following types of complaint:

  • Billing problems,
  • Problems resulting from a company’s sales activity,
  • Problems resulting from switching from one company to another,
  • Poor service, for example, failing to act on a request.

Ombudsman Services are unable to handle complaints about:

  • Companies which are not signed up to the Ombudsman scheme,
  • The location of telegraph poles or mobile phone masts,
  • Problems about cabling and wiring inside a property,
  • The content of internet sites, advertisements, calls, emails, texts or any other type of message,
  • Complaints about premium rate services.

You can contact Ombudsman Services on the following:
Phone: 0330 440 1614
Email: osenquiries@os-communications.org

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730

How to obtain this Code of Practice

This Code of Practice is published on our website at croftmsp.com

Additional copies are available on request and free of charge to any domestic and small business customer. Please advise us if you require this in other formats.

Contact details of related organisations

Riverside House
2a Southwark
Bridge Road

If you want to complain to Ofcom, call them on 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040. They are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.