Croft Achieves 3CX Titanium Partner Status

27 February 2024

We’re proud to announce that Croft has achieved the 3CX Titanium partner status.

Titanium is the highest level a partner can achieve with 3CX and is awarded to the most successful and experienced partners with a history of deploying and supporting 3CX’s solutions.

Croft is one of only eight Titanium partners in the UK, a significant achievement only awarded to elite 3CX partners.

Becoming a 3CX Titanium Partner marks a significant milestone for Croft, and we’re incredibly proud of our team that supports and maintains our client’s 3CX systems.

What is 3CX, and Why is This Achievement Noteworthy?

3CX is a leading provider of software-based Unified Communications (UC) solutions, offering PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems that streamline communication across various mediums.

3CX is trusted by over 350,000 companies with over 12M daily users. The reason so many companies choose 3CX, is the easy set up, low costs and advanced features. 

Achieving the Titanium Partner status within the 3CX ecosystem is a testament to Croft’s commitment to excellence, expertise, and proficiency in delivering 3CX’s telecom solutions.

The journey to Titanium Partner status with 3CX is arduous, demanding a high level of technical skill, dedication to customer satisfaction, and a proven track record in implementing 3CX solutions.

This elevation signifies Croft’s deep understanding of 3CX products and its capability to provide comprehensive, tailored solutions that meet diverse client needs.

“We are thrilled to welcome Croft as our newest Titanium Partner in the 3CX family. Their dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering outstanding communication solutions make them a valuable addition to the elite 3CX partner network. With their extensive expertise and innovative approach, we are confident that Croft will provide unparalleled service and support to businesses seeking to enhance their communications infrastructure with 3CX.

Congratulations to everybody at Croft on achieving this significant milestone, and we look forward to an increasingly successful partnership for years to come.”

Paul Clarke – Senior Channel Manager – 3CX

“Our journey with 3CX actually started with losing a customer to the product. Having investigated with the client why they chose 3CX instead of Mitel, I came to the same conclusion they did. It was the right fit.

3CX is a very forward thinking platform, open standards based and able to be adapted to meet a very wide range of customer demands. It also allows you to be creative in your approach with the customer and really delivers one of the core values Croft has with our “bespoke by design” motto.”

Steve Harrison – Account Director – Croft 


Benefits for our Clients

For Croft, this achievement signifies access to enhanced support, exclusive training, and advanced tools provided by 3CX. This empowerment enables us to deliver even more robust and efficient communication solutions to their clients.

For clients, partnering with a 3CX Titanium Partner ensures access to cutting-edge technology, seamless implementations, and premium support.

As a 3CX Titanium Partner, we can offer our clients the following benefits:

  • Pre-sales advice, support and expertise
  • Access to specialist knowledge from a partner with years of experience using the 3CX platform
  • A wide range of SIP Connectivity options which includes the provision of international carrier services as well as domestic UK services.
  • Access to a dedicated team of 3CX-certified engineers with a good understanding of what the platform can really achieve for clients.
  • Bespoke Call Centre and CTI integration capabilities to meet specific needs.
  • A range of hosting options via the Croft Voice Focus Data Centre service with enhanced resiliency and management.
  • Ability to service international clients’ needs using the 3CX, a global product.

The Future Ahead

Croft’s ascension to the Titanium Partner tier with 3CX underscores our current prowess and sets the stage for continued innovation and growth.

As technology evolves, Croft’s commitment to staying at the forefront of telecom advancements promises exciting possibilities for clients.

Are you looking for a Trusted 3CX Partner?

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