Croft Acquires NCI Technologies

20 June 2024

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of NCI Technologies. This acquisition will expand our Managed IT & Support team and strengthen our reach in the South West.

NCI is a market leader in IT support, cybersecurity, and cloud phone systems. They’re known for being proactive, reliable, and dedicated, qualities that align with the Croft ethos!

We’re confident that this acquisition will enable us to provide even better services and proactive solutions to our business and education customers.

With NCI Technologies’ expertise and our shared commitment to excellence, we look forward to an exciting future together. 

NCI Technologies’ CEO, Chris Penrose, said:

“The team at NCI are excited to be part of Croft, I have found Mark and Phil to be extremely honest, flexible and supportive throughout the process.  I really can’t thank the Team at Croft enough for their time onsite helping ensure the initial transition steps were as smooth as possible. It is a good time for NCI to be part of something bigger, the team have a lot to bring to the table and I am sure it will provide new and interesting possibilities, both internally and for our customers.”

We’re delighted to have the NCI team onboard!


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