Croft acquires Badger Computer Services

26 April 2023

Following the two acquisitions in February, we are thrilled to announce we are joining forces with yet another leading IT company, Badger Computer Services.

Established in 1992, Badger Computer Services was formed to provide IT support services to the educational and business community of North London and the Northern Home Counties.

Badger quickly became established as a leading service provider, boasting around 25 full-time engineers servicing in excess of 100 schools across 18 boroughs along with a broad selection of commercial clients.

Over the years we have been approached many times. On each occasion, the fit was not right for either of us as individual business owners, our staff, or our clients. When approached by Croft and speaking to Mark, Ben, and Phil, it was the first time we felt we were speaking to people and a company that was of a like mind towards our staff and our clients. We decided to proceed in joining Croft because it gave Suraj and I the freedom to do what we love doing which is looking after our clients as well as the opportunity to expand and benefit a wider organisation with our experience. Our staff will also have increased opportunities for personal and career growth. Our clients will benefit from increased resources and expertise in areas that we have previously had to outsource. We are pleased to say that, as of the end of March, Badger Computer Services including all our staff, Suraj and I are now a part of the Croft team. We very much look forward to working with Croft to help our clients, both new and old by leveraging the expertise within both Badger and Croft.” – Sacha Alter

We are confident Suraj Shah, Sacha Alter and the Badger team will be a great asset to Croft.

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