Croft acquires Westcom (sw) Ltd

30 April 2020

We are delighted to announce that Westcom, an EE Business Approved Partner in Bristol, have joined forces with Croft to provide their customer base with a wider range of communication products and services.

Over the last 25 years, Westcom have forged a reputation of professionalism both within the industry and with its ever-growing customer base. Together with Croft, Westcom will be able to offer its customers the full range of communications solutions – from business phones, VoIP and internet connectivity, right through to productivity tools like Microsoft Teams. As all business adapts to the new normal, we’ll also be helping customers with any business continuity and mobility challenges that they are currently facing.

“Myself, Justin Rouse and our great team are very excited by the expansion in our capabilities that this merger offers. We will continue to operate from our same store address in Clifton, ensuring that our clients remain connected, no matter their line of work” – Andrew West, Sales Director at Westcom.

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