The ROI of Unified Communications

20 August 2020

Do you love simplicity? Always looking for an elegant solution? Then the very concept of unified communications is likely to appeal to you and your business. But there’s more to it than that – having a single system to handle all of your telephony, broadband and other communication systems is likely to bring a solid and worthwhile return on investment. Here’s how… 

Save cash on bills  

If you’re paying out to several different providers for your internet, telephony, teleconferencing and more, streamlining your systems is almost certain to save you money. Many companies are paying out more than they need to, for apps that overlap or perform functions they don’t actually use. At Croft, we’ll help you simplify your communications. We offer bespoke unified communications bundles designed to meet your business needs – whether you’re an SME, larger business or a public sector organisation. 

And it’s not just about the direct savings you’ll make from streamlining your tech. Reliable and efficient communications technology allows businesses to make remote working a permanent reality – potentially saving you money on office space and running costs. 

Cut down on travel costs 

In the age of Zoom, the thought of spending thousands of pounds travelling to meetings and conferences looks increasingly illogical. Unified communications makes it easy to get everyone together, no matter where they are, on any device – so you’ll only need to shell out on trains or planes when face-to-face meetings can’t be avoided. You can even save on candidate expenses by having initial interviews by video conference. 

Business employees collaborating online with Unified Communications video conferencing tool

Keep calm and carry on 

The world can be an unpredictable place, as the past few months have shown. But with a cloud-based unified communications system, you can protect your revenue stream by allowing your business to carry on, whatever happens. Whether it’s a lockdown forcing workers to dial in from home, a fire at the office, or any other setback, being able to access all of your data from any location means that nothing can hold you back – you might even pick up extra business from competitors who haven’t been so wise with their communications tech. That’s got to be worth investing in! 

Work smarter with better communication 

Could you get things done more efficiently with better modes of communication? The opportunity to integrate methods like instant messaging and video conferencing, SMS and voice calls into one single platform can revolutionise your communications, especially if you have a lot of employees working remotely.  

  • One single, unified system means less time spent trying to figure out the tech – so you can get on with your meetings instead of struggling to log in 
  • Being able to access everything in the cloud will cut down on time wasted on overnight stays or train journeys – because it’s easy to get things done on the move.  
  • With a host of opportunities for collaboration, your team can work more efficiently using the tools that suit them – so you end up with better results for less effort.  

Want to know more? Find out how Croft’s Unified Communications service can bring your business a great ROI!