Effective Remote Working Systems for SMEs

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Effective Remote Working Systems for SMEs

A toolkit empowering businesses to implement remote and hybrid working securely and successfully.

Remote working has emerged as a cost-effective and employee-friendly alternative for numerous businesses. The introduction of remote working was often unplanned due to the COVID pandemic, resulting in companies across the world to adopt new processes. However, it’s crucial to establish appropriate policies to address potential cyber security risks and mitigate the challenges that remote working can present in terms of productivity.

What remote working topics does the guide cover?

This guide has been created for people looking to create a more secure and structured way of enabling remote and hybrid working within your organisation. It’s a comprehensive outline of everything you need to consider, and the systems that you need to put in place, when supporting remote working for your employees.

The guide will walk you through:

  • Security threats
  • Data protection and GDPR
  • Effective communication advice
  • Maintaining standards of work

Complete our checklist to enable safe and secure remote working for SMEs

Once you’ve covered these essential security measures for your SME, you can use our effective remote working checklist to tick off what you’ve put in place for your business – and help turn what can seem like an overwhelming task, into actionable steps.

Our downloadable guide also includes a customisable policy template that you can use to establish the rules and expectations around remote working in your company.

Download our top tips and free checklist on Effective Remote Working Systems for SMEs.

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