Dark Web Monitoring Services

  • Continuous monitoring of the dark web for your organisation’s sensitive information, giving you early detection of data leaks and security breaches
  • Regular reporting and analysis of dark web activity related to your business, plus real-time alerts when sensitive data is discovered
  • Dark web intelligence gathering and analysis, to gain insights into potential cyber threats, attacks and other cyber security risks
  • A complete managed cyber security service, with your own dedicated Account Manager

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Stay one step ahead with dark web threat intelligence

Are identity thieves buying and selling your sensitive company information on the dark web? From credit card details to login credentials, every organisation holds a wealth of protected data that could cause a serious problem if breached. And if a cybercriminal did get hold of that data, the chances are they would turn to the secrecy of the dark web in order to sell it on, or to exchange plans for an attack.

That’s why scanning underground forums, marketplaces and other hidden areas of the internet should be an essential part of your overall cybersecurity strategy.

Our dark web monitoring service is a proactive way to protect your business’s sensitive information, safeguard its reputation, and reduce the risk of financial losses and legal actions resulting from a data breach.

Managed Dark Web Monitoring Services

With managed cyber security services from Croft, dark web monitoring is taken care of on your behalf. You’ll get regular reports and alerts about any dark web activity related to your organisation, and if you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact your dedicated Account Manager who is always here to support you.

Be Prepared, Be Protected

When it comes to cyber security, it’s always better to pre-empt an attack, rather than waiting for it to happen. And if you do discover a data breach, it’s important to be ready to act. Dark web monitoring is part of that strategy on both counts. Dark web threat intelligence can give advance warning of a potential attack, while proactive scanning and monitoring means that you can minimise any damage if a breach does happen.

Support from Cyber Experts

Your company data is precious. It makes sense to entrust its protection to dark web security experts. With dark web monitoring services from Croft, you’ll benefit from ready access to a team of cyber security professionals who can offer advice and support to keep your organisation fully protected.

Legal Compliance

As a company, you are required to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of personal data, and failure to comply can result in fines or legal action. By investing in dark web monitoring services, you can ensure that you are taking appropriate measures to comply with data protection regulations and standards, such as GDPR.

The dark web is a profitable place for cyber criminals to buy and sell stolen personal and financial information*

With stolen financial data earning criminals as much as £25.2 million when purchased from the dark web, it’s clear to see that hackers have a big incentive to get hold of your information. Make sure yours is protected, with dark web monitoring and managed cyber security services from Croft.

*UK Home Office (2018), Understanding the costs of cyber crime

Customer-First Approach

Our goal is always to seek out the best value for our customers.

We’ll work with you to understand your business needs, recommending only the best business communications solutions tailored for you and your team.

Qualified, Expert Technicians

You’ll never be left alone to deal with a technical issue or problem, with remote and onsite IT support around the clock. Who better to provide, protect and connect you than the people who built it?

Resolution Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service, first time, every time.

Relax knowing that our team of Account Managers and highly skilled engineers are on hand to assist you in any eventuality.

Single-Point-of-Contact Support

You’ll be assigned your very own Account Manager to answer questions and support with technical issues within three rings, taking the pain out of dealing with multiple suppliers.

Pro-active Monitoring

We’ll schedule and perform regular health checks across all of your telecoms systems, hardware and devices, highlighting cost-savings and increased efficiency and productivity opportunities.

Know that you’re getting the best from your telecoms infrastructure month-to-month.

Business Continuity

With the right combination of our products and services, you’re always in touch and your business can become truly mobile and resilient.

Happy Customers

We deliver managed IT support and services to in excess of 3,500 clients nationally.

Laurent Perrier

"We are changing our mobile phone contract providers", announced Jan our office manager. Now I am hopeless with technology, so to speak of more data, new SIMs and tethering was lost on me. We even had a countdown to 'new SIM day'. It dawned ominously, and with no children on hand; I had to swap networks myself.

It went seamlessly, as has our move to Croft. We received great service from people who value our business. I can now use my mobile at home as I have a better signal, and we are saving money as a business. What’s not to like?

David Hesketh, Managing Director

T. Rowe Price

Croft has supplied our mobile telephone contract for over ten years including assisting us with moving our fleet of over 500 numbers to the EE network.

The mobile fleet consists of a number of different handsets and data options and Croft were extremely thorough during the process of the changeover, ensuring that all of our UK and international requirements were met and advised of the various options open to us.

Croft provided us with all of the information required to help us manage our expectations on the day of transfer. The transfer was carried out without any issues and with the knowledge that they were on hand should any problems have arisen.

Over the years Croft has been looking after our fleet, and the support and account management received have been exceptional. The account is analysed on a monthly basis with any charges explained and proactive suggestions made where we may be able to make savings moving forward.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the team at Croft and look forward to the relationship continuing in years to come.

Jo Smyth

Pimlico Plumbers

Cost-effectiveness and quality aren’t often used in the same sentence. However, this is where Croft buck the trend, and they meet our objectives whilst overcoming any challenges we may have.

Charlie Mullins, Founder 


A massive thank you to the team at Croft who have steered us through complex compliance, upgrades and major improvements to our systems and network.

A great effort and a continuation of the premier service we have come to expect across the full range of services we have been provided (IT, mobiles, landline, consultancy, data et al.) which is critical for any finance business.

I look forward to their continued recommendations, being challenged on the status quo and the push they continue to give us as a business.

Cat Bent, Operation Manager

PW Shopfitters Ltd

What a wonderful job Croft did on upgrading our broadband and office phone system.

Peter was instrumental in setting everything up initially which he did with efficiency and professionalism. This continued right the way through up to the phone call to check everything was up and running.

Tim was also extremely helpful and was so patient with the hundred and one questions we had for him and the numerous phone calls and emails. Nothing ever seemed too much trouble for him. He was also very good at deciphering what I was trying to tell him about our complicated set up here (without visiting site). When things didn’t initially work on the porting day, he came up with an interim solution and then sorted out for an engineer (who was also exceptional) to come along to re-wire and re-position the fibre broadband box.

What a great asset they both are to Croft.

Jackie and Peter Walsh

Auria Accountancy

Croft have been absolutely brilliant. Sorted out our mobiles and we also have office broadband which is faultless. Amazing service and prices you cannot get anywhere else. Highly recommended!

Andrew Fairclough


Croft has given us a lot of help and support over the years; we would highly recommend their services as they offer their very best efforts in all areas of communication and all services they provide.

MCD started working with Croft over 5 years ago on the telecommunication side of the business. We then decided to take all our business to them for all our company’s telecommunications and IT.

The support team was very efficient from start to finish, and dealing with the support team was always a pleasure thanks to their friendly approach. The whole team is a great credit to the company.

Keep up the amazing hard work and excellent support you provide.

Leigh Pillans, PA to Managing Director

North East Truck & Van Limited

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to Croft’s assistance in sorting the issue I had with my phone. I felt very much that the team were making the utmost effort to resolve the issue for me which I really appreciated. Marco was very on the ball and proactive in trying to help and make sure things were kept moving along.

I’m often approached by other firms who wish to tender for our mobile phone contract or who are adamant they could do it cheaper, but it’s service levels like this that mean I have no interest in even discussing the prospect with them.

John McDonald


As a digital marketing agency, the staff at Wagada rely heavily on telecoms equipment to effectively complete our day-to-day jobs, whether that be liaising with clients on calls or providing our services online. So, when COVID-19 hit and we were forced to work remotely, we were so thankful to have Croft’s support, who provided us with unlimited data broadband dongles and business mobiles.

With Croft’s help, we’ve been able to continue to provide exceptional customer service for our clients, and our team have been able to collaborate efficiently and productively throughout the pandemic. We now also have a remote working solution that’s futureproofed our business in today’s uncertain economy.

With next day delivery of equipment together with immediate, responsive and friendly support, I cannot recommend Croft enough!

Nick Silverstone, Managing Director

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