Managed Cyber Security Services

  • Protect and manage all of your connectivity, infrastructure, apps, security and support in one place, with our managed cyber security services.
  • Control who and what can access your systems and data.
  • Respond to cyber incidents, data breaches and risks in advance.
  • Insightful training, covering cyber essentials and proactive threat detection.
  • Cyber Security Consultancy for businesses of any size, UK-wide.

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Protect Your Business with One Bespoke Solution

With cyber hacks on the rise and methods of attack becoming more and more sophisticated, you can count on Croft's Managed Cyber Security Services to look after your business.

Our qualified and accredited experts will help you build one simple solution, tailored to your business' specific needs to protect, connect and manage your connectivity in one place.

We will guide you through the complex world of cyber security, equipping your business with the resilience to stand up to an attack, the redundancy to recover from it and continuity to remain vigilant.

Endpoint Security

Traditional cyber security struggles to keep up with sneaky new malware. Using smart technology, heuristic algorithms and AI, we sift through everything that enters and leaves your systems, classifying everything. You’ll know everything in your perimeter is secure.

Password Management

Your first line of defence. Company-wide password management equips your team with more secure passwords and logins that can be easily shared without ever having to disclose actual credentials. Gain complete oversight with password scoring, enabling you to see how people are doing and what needs improvement.

Dark Net Monitoring

Identity thieves can buy or sell your personal information on hard-to-find dark web sites and forums. Our Cyber Security Managed Services include Dark Web Monitoring. This monitoring crawls the dark web and notifies you should your information be found.

Intrusion Prevention

With intrusion prevention services and advanced signals intelligence plugged directly into your hardware and software firewalls, we have the tools and insight to detect and respond to any malicious activity.

Data & Backup

Using change by change and chronological backups (delta V), we’ll help you recover from a disaster and protect IP and personally identifiable data across your network, all the way to the edge.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Often you only know about a security breach once it’s an issue, and by then, too late. We constantly monitor your systems to make sure you stay safe, so you don’t have to. Our Cyber Security Centre Operations (CSCO) stays ahead of threats, so we are able to react to reduce the effect on your business, dealing with issues as they happen, rather than just reporting them.


Eliminate the danger of malicious attacks against your network with our unmatched Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls. An essential first line of defence against attacks on your network.

2.3 million businesses reported a cybercrime in 2021*

How you respond will be the difference between you enduring an attack and the speed at which you can recover afterwards. Our systems and processes work hand in hand to identify what’s happening, keeping us ahead of any attacks. This, coupled with our team’s extensive skills and knowledge, ensures that the effect on your business is minimal.

*NCSC Annual Review 2021

Customer-First Approach

Our goal is always to seek out the best value for our customers.

We’ll work with you to understand your business needs, recommending only the best managed cyber security services tailored for you and your team.

Qualified, Expert Technicians

You’ll never be left alone to deal with a potential incident or data breach, with remote support around the clock.

Who better to provide, protect and connect you than the experts who know the industry?

Resolution Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service, first time, every time.

Relax knowing that our team of Account Managers and highly skilled cyber security experts are on hand to assist you in any eventuality.

Single-Point-of-Contact Support

You’ll be assigned your very own Account Manager to answer questions and support with technical issues.

Pro-active Monitoring

We’ll schedule and perform regular checks across all of your telecoms systems, hardware and devices, highlighting potential cyber security threats as they emerge, cost-savings and increased safeguarding opportunities.

Know that you’re getting the best from your IT infrastructure month-to-month.

Business Continuity

With the right combination of our products and services, you’re always in touch and your business can become truly mobile and resilient.


Want to learn more? Discover our whitepapers

Free thought-provoking whitepapers on how to understand your cyber posture, automate and augment your team with software and tools, respond to threats and more.

The Menu Partners

Everyone loves a challenge, but we really put the pressure on Croft for a quick turnaround as we switched our phone lines within 3 days.

Thanks to Croft, we have a fully hosted voice solution, which includes a collaborative UC app, call recording, real-time call reporting, call centre capability and desk phones - all installed on day one.

Ever since my first call with Nikki, the team has settled my nerves and have been professional throughout.

The implementation was brilliant – the team at Croft stayed on-site to ensure teething problems were dealt with and even helped set our computers up!

This was a massive milestone for our business and the seamless transition on phones (and the fancy new tools the team has to play with like email voicemails, recording, etc), thanks to Croft, was critical to delivering it.

James Cartwright


We have been using Croft for many years and have recommended Croft to many of our contacts who also use them. The main reason for our continued patronage is the outstanding services of Justin Rouse and his dedicated team. Year in - year out, consistently world-class service.

Richard K Abrams

Laurent Perrier

"We are changing our mobile phone contract providers", announced Jan our office manager. Now I am hopeless with technology, so to speak of more data, new SIMs and tethering was lost on me. We even had a countdown to 'new SIM day'. It dawned ominously, and with no children on hand; I had to swap networks myself.

It went seamlessly, as has our move to Croft. We received great service from people who value our business. I can now use my mobile at home as I have a better signal, and we are saving money as a business. What’s not to like?

David Hesketh, Managing Director

T. Rowe Price

Croft has supplied our mobile telephone contract for over ten years including assisting us with moving our fleet of over 500 numbers to the EE network.

The mobile fleet consists of a number of different handsets and data options and Croft were extremely thorough during the process of the changeover, ensuring that all of our UK and international requirements were met and advised of the various options open to us.

Croft provided us with all of the information required to help us manage our expectations on the day of transfer. The transfer was carried out without any issues and with the knowledge that they were on hand should any problems have arisen.

Over the years Croft has been looking after our fleet, and the support and account management received have been exceptional. The account is analysed on a monthly basis with any charges explained and proactive suggestions made where we may be able to make savings moving forward.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the team at Croft and look forward to the relationship continuing in years to come.

Jo Smyth

Hamilton Waste and Recycling Ltd

Following from serious IT problems which left us without some critical systems for weeks, it was recommended that we bring in the team at Croft.

The turnaround was superb. Within days we had actionable information enabling us to make the strategic decisions required to restore operations. The comprehensive investigation, insights and reports meant we could resolve our IT issues, exponentially improve our infrastructure and systems and restore critical confidence for our team and our clients.

I described Croft as the “Rolls Royce” of IT - a title well deserved. If you find yourself stuck, these are the people for you.

David Hamilton, Director

Floors Castle the Roxburghe Estate

After working with several IT support and telecoms partners that continually blamed each other or passed me from pillar to post, I came across Croft.

After speaking with them and venting my frustrations, they came up with an integrated plan that is being rolled out across a large estate and stately home. It has been wonderful working with an innovative partner who actually does think out the box and in the clouds.

The on-hand support and service are fantastic - the first time an IT company actually phoned me to tell me there was a problem with our connectivity and didn’t ask me to turn it off and on again but actually explained the reasons behind the problem and how they were going to fix it.

I am really looking forward to the completion of the project and the results it will achieve - can’t recommend these guys enough.

Jacqui McElhinney, Head of Finance

Pimlico Plumbers

Cost-effectiveness and quality aren’t often used in the same sentence. However, this is where Croft buck the trend, and they meet our objectives whilst overcoming any challenges we may have.

Charlie Mullins, Founder 


When we started looking at our renewal, Croft's approach and knowledge of the market was fantastic.

We were not pressured at any point during the discussions to make a decision straight away. All the information we were provided throughout the consultation was second to none with a great level of detail and options.

When it came to renewing our contract, it was a very easy decision to do so as no other supplier could come close.

Croft has delivered the best value for money and service provided, assisting all areas of the company from support to director level. They have always been a recommendation to anyone else looking for a fantastic and reliable service.

William Sneddon, IT Engineer

A1 Automotive Ltd

I would highly recommend Croft who provided us with the perfect solution when it was time to review our mobile communications contract.

As a national road haulage company that requires a reliable and cost-effective data and voice solution to keep in touch with its fleet of 100+ car transporter drivers, our priority was to ensure that whoever we engaged with was both trustworthy and reliable and would also provide cost savings.

Croft fitted the bill perfectly. They guided us through the transfer process from our previous supplier and everything went very smoothly. They were always on hand to advise when required.

As a result of our engagement with Croft, we now have a reliable and improved mobile communications network with reduced monthly costs and all provided by a company who justified the trust we place in them. Excellent work!

Jim Kecheran, General Manager

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