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Get super-fast, robust internet that won’t let your business down, with high bandwidth ethernet connections from Croft.

When you partner with us, we’ll use next-generation technology to deliver high speed connectivity to your business, at a price that’s right.

The basics

What is business ethernet?

Ethernet is rapidly becoming the mainstream choice for voice traffic, IP and converged networks, due to the vast bandwidth available.

It’s a great way to simplify your network infrastructure and it’ll support business-critical operations, with no drop in connectivity.

Which ethernet solution is right for your business?

EOFTTC: Entry-level ethernet

If you’re looking for the cheapest ethernet service for your business, then EOFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet) is your best bet.

It costs less because the copper line you pay for doesn’t stretch all the way to the exchange, but just the short distance to the nearest green telephone cabinet on the street. From there, your connection will travel over a shared fibre optic line to the exchange.

Great for multi-site organisations, our entry-level ethernet service offers a high level of performance and reliability, providing downstream speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps.

EFM: Ultra-reliable connections

EFM (Ethernet First Mile, or Ethernet in the First Mile) offers higher bandwidth and greater reliability than EOFTTC.

It’s built on a robust network structure using multiple copper pairs to deliver a high capacity service. An ideal upgrade from ADSL or SDSL, this superior technology provides symmetrical speeds of 2Mbps or more – and depending on your requirements, you could achieve speeds of up to 19Mbps over 8 copper pairs.

It’s a cost-effective alternative when EoFTTC isn’t available, perhaps due to area.

With EFM, you’ll also benefit from a service level agreement that guarantees an enhanced 7-hour fast fix service.

Leased line: a VIP lane for your internet traffic

One of the big benefits of business ethernet is that it offers a connection that’s for your use only.

Leased lines use the latest fibre technology to deliver a high capacity ethernet connection exclusively for your business. Think of it as a VIP private lane on the motorway, which you’re free to zoom along, past the other lanes which are clogged with traffic. Because you won’t have to share your connection, it won’t be hampered by high demand – so you can offer the same level of service even at peak times.

Perfect for companies with high data consumption, you’ll benefit from a dedicated secure network with low latency, so there’s no time delay across your connection.

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