Croft acquires Boldfield Computing

03 July 2023

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of expert IT Support and Service specialists, Boldfield Computing.

Based in Cambridge, Peterborough and London, the company has established itself as a reliable and esteemed partner in the field of IT support and cloud services, with almost 41 years wealth of experience. 

Boldfield Computing provides an extensive range of smart solutions, IT support, and cloud services to a diverse client base. Their clientele spans from small to medium-sized businesses with as few as 5 employees, to large corporations with multiple sites across the UK, encompassing over 300 employees.

Through this new exciting collaboration, Croft MSP broadens its array of IT, telecommunications, connectivity, mobile collaboration, and security expertise.

We’re thrilled to be joining forces with the Boldfield Computing team, and we’re looking forward to sharing their passion for IT and innovation. Their values of trust, professionalism, and communication mirror Croft. 

“With this new partnership, we can develop and grow to provide an even better and more comprehensive service. This is a very exciting opportunity for our colleagues. We are already enjoying working within the Croft family and can see a very bright future ahead.”  – Andy Irvine, Managing Director of Boldfield Computing.

Iain McFarlane, Director of Technology at Boldfield Computing added: “We have been very conscious to ensure that our customers and staff were put first when deciding who to merge with.  The opportunity to combine the best of Boldfield’s responsiveness and ability to react to change with the scale of the Croft MSP Group will ensure all our customers will benefit from continued support as well as open opportunities for more integrated communications and access to a broader skillset.”

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